[Mono-dev] Bug Day

jgilli at idealx.com jgilli at idealx.com
Fri Sep 2 16:42:31 EDT 2005

> Julien Gilli wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Paul F. Johnson wrote:
>>> We had some good movement on this, but the idea seems to have gone
>>> dead.
>> As for me, the idea hasn't gone dead, i'm waiting for comments from
>> key  developers.
>> However, bringing this on the mono mailing lists  again is a good idea
>> :-).
> Why not just immediately tuckle existing bugs?

Because, IMHO, seting up a nice place for people to do so might be more
productive in the long run.

> I would like to know what is the reason you guys need something
> special than immediate bugfixing.

We have contributed or contribute to some free software projects by
triaging   and sometimes fixing bugs during bug days. It has proven useful
for now, so we wonder if such a thing could be useful for Mono too.

Julien Gilli

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