[Mono-dev] Bug Day

Paul F. Johnson paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Fri Sep 2 04:40:19 EDT 2005


>  However, bringing this on the mono mailing lists  again is a good idea :-).

It was my son that reminded me - he thinks the idea of bugs in software
is funny (he is 7 and to him, bugs are what you squish with a shoe!)

> >Are we going to have a Gnome style bug splatting day on the 3rd or 10th
> >Sept?
> >  
> Not on the 3rd, probably not on the 10th neither if nobody among key 
> developers speaks up.

I think we should poke them with a stick. Not a nasty stick, possibly
one with a feather on the end ;-)

> Maybe we should setup the first bug day without wating from comments and 
> see if everything goes well.

A dry run? Sounds like it could be interesting.

> The only problem is that many of us won't have the needed credentials to 
> modify bugs status, so we'd have to e-mail the developers and tell them 
> "we think that this bug should be marked as this, we were able to 
> reproduce it on the following platform, under these conditions, etc.".

Which is the idea of the triage (from my understanding). Bugs roll in,
tested and if it fails due to not a programming fault, then it gets
passed to the code doctors who know it's a genuine problem and not just
someone messed up.

As to having the credentials, you're right. In the past I've been part
of a porting effort to get gcc onto RISC OS and parts of that were mind
blowing! From what I've seen, mono is almost as bad, but does have the
advantage of C# being quite an easy language which is simple enough to

> It could be tedious, but it can't hurt the Mono project to have more 
> people at a time looking at the bugzilla. Also, this first try would 
> help us organize better for the first "official" bug day.

What I would suggest is this. If we can get one of the key developers
(Jordi, Ben, Peter, Miguel or anyone else for that matter) and a couple
of those who understand the compilers innards (patch submitters) and do
a couple of dry run scenarios (say we take a random selection of bug
reports), we try and get the faults to occur and then pass them over.
These faults don't have to be real ones either. 

This will serve to do a couple of things. Firstly, it will help with
time difference problems and any communication difficulties. It'll also
demonstrate the work required plus give us (the non Novell people) a
work out!

Now, if only we can get one of the key developers to play with us!


"Logic, my dear Zoe, is merely the ability to be wrong with authority" -
Dr Who

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