[Mono-dev] Bug Day

Julien Gilli julien.gilli at idealx.com
Fri Sep 2 04:10:03 EDT 2005


Paul F. Johnson wrote:

>We had some good movement on this, but the idea seems to have gone dead.
As for me, the idea hasn't gone dead, i'm waiting for comments from key 
 However, bringing this on the mono mailing lists  again is a good idea :-).

>Are we going to have a Gnome style bug splatting day on the 3rd or 10th
Not on the 3rd, probably not on the 10th neither if nobody among key 
developers speaks up.
Maybe we should setup the first bug day without wating from comments and 
see if everything goes well.

The only problem is that many of us won't have the needed credentials to 
modify bugs status, so we'd have to e-mail the developers and tell them 
"we think that this bug should be marked as this, we were able to 
reproduce it on the following platform, under these conditions, etc.".

It could be tedious, but it can't hurt the Mono project to have more 
people at a time looking at the bugzilla. Also, this first try would 
help us organize better for the first "official" bug day.

What do you think about this ?

Julien Gilli
IDEALX http://www.idealx.com/

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