[Mono-dev] Mono on OSX 10.4 (Cocoa and Threading)

Frank Bergmann frank_bergmann at kgi.edu
Fri Sep 2 01:52:37 EDT 2005

Thanks kangaroo, 

> No, make a test case and file a bug.

I must say I had trouble creating a test case (since it is a rather big
project). I found out the following though: Under Win32 I used the Mutex
class during thread spawning to ensure thread safety. Under OS X these
Mutex's caused a deadlock. Even after creation the first WaitOne() would
not return. Writing up a test case did not work out again, as every
simple use of the Mutex class did what it was supposed to do. So for now
I removed them and watch my step. 

> Use macpack and understand that the Mac MWF driver is still
> incredibly alpha.

Macpack worked out great. The only thing I miss would be passing command
line arguments. But then again that is the same with every mac-app. 

Thanks again for your help

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