[Mono-dev] Amber Communications Framework

Elliott Draper el at eldiablo.co.uk
Thu Sep 1 20:10:56 EDT 2005

Hello everyone,

A while back, I joined the development team of a project that was then 
called "MonoIndigo". This was designed to be a port of Microsoft's 
Indigo framework (now known as the Windows Communication Foundation). As 
many of you know, Microsoft made it clear that any kind of direct port 
of Indigo was not going to be accepted, and would be in breach of IP 
regulations. Likewise, the same would apply for Avalon (now known as the 
Windows Presentation Foundation I believe).

   The main aim of that project, was to EXTEND Indigo's appeal, by 
making the same code, unchanged, run on any platform that Mono run's on. 
Seeing as this can no longer be the case, the project was changed, 
re-named, and is no longer a direct port of Indigo. I personally feel we 
are lacking a decent, service oriented framework for helping to develop 
client/server applications under Mono, and I would like still to rectify 
that with the Amber project. It's main aim is to make a functional 
useful messaging and communication platform, running under either 
.Net/Mono, that takes the hassle out of writing the actual communication 
layer of a server/client app, allowing the developer to rely on the 
framework to perform the communications, while they concentrate on the 
specifics of his/her application.

Anyway, enough waffle, the point of this e-mail is simply to see if 
anyone else would be interested in working on such an open source 
effort, as currently our development team is severely lacking, and with 
our current resources it'll take us years to get to any kind of point 
where we are able to release! So if any like-minded individuals are up 
for helping to build a decent communications platform, hopefully 
benefitting the community, and meanwhile providing a worthy rival to the 
Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation, then please get in contact 
with me, the more the merrier! We'll need developers, testers, people to 
help with documentation, etc...

In the meantime, here are a few project links:
-- A wiki I setup for the project: 
-- The project page on NovellForge: 

Any questions, discussion, whatever, don't hesitate to drop me a mail.

-= El =-

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