[Mono-dev] Nemerle Language Forum & Courses

Alejandro Serrano trupill at yahoo.es
Thu Sep 1 17:48:25 EDT 2005

For every who doesn't know it, Nemerle (http://nemerle.org) is a 
object-oriented powerful language that targets the CLR (better the Mono 
platform), and also combines some functional constructs. Type inference 
(that means that you don't have to write type information every time, as 
in C#) is one of its main features, as well as macros, that allows to 
extend the language. We can say that Nemerle behaves as a superset of C#.
Well, Nemerle now has its own forums (http://nemerle.org/forum/) and 
there you can find information about a courses regarding the language 
that are going to be held (http://nemerle.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9). 
This courses range from totally beginners to experienced developers. We 
would like to start on 1st October. As you can see in the forum post, 
there will be a weekly content with exercises and interactive chats and 
maybe webcast to improve language knowledge. That's a good chance to 
introduce yourself in a mixed object-oriented and functional language, 
and of course, for free.

Hoping you will be interested on the language and on the course,
Thanks in advance,

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