[Mono-dev] AIX / Mono System Requirements

Zoltan Varga vargaz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 17:00:30 EDT 2005


   Mono has not been ported to AIX. The interpreter might work but it is not
supported at all. So you are way better off using linux.


On 8/31/05, Bernhard Herzog <schwimmlehrer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a newbie question about Mono regarding System Requirements. Short
> Version: Does it make any sense to try to use/compile Mono under AIX right
> now? Or
> should I better be using Linux and with which Kernel (2.4 or better 2.6?)?
> Long version:
> I have been a long time user of Java but it never really made me happy,
> especially when it came to socket programming. I needed a separate Thread
> for listening to a socket, i.e. memory for each socket, and when NIO came I
> had to write my own Threadpool. And Java did not really seemed to be built
> for Linux (Core dumps, out of memory, etc.). So I thought ok, I build my
> chat server with Mono. I will have built-in Thread Pools, Asynchronous IO,
> NPTL and epoll using Linux. And it's open source. Great! All my dreams come
> true!
> Since this is a student chat I went to my university today to ask if they
> would host it. They agreed (great!), but they are using AIX (64bit but
> should compile 32bit as well) and not Linux (and cannot give me a root
> accout as well). So my question is: Is it generally a good idea to try
> running Mono under AIX? Can I compile Mono under AIX without trouble and
> what will I have then? Does this mean no JIT, i.e. how well does the non-JIT
> version run? Should I better get my own dedicated Linux server (or VServer)
> somewhere else - which would cost me some money? When using a VServer, this
> could mean Linux Kernel 2.4. Does Mono (for a Socket-Server and ASP.Net, no
> GTK, but using Bitmap class) work well under 2.4 (no NPTL and epoll?).
> Thank you
> Any answer would be greatly appreciated
> Bernhard Herzog
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