[Mono-dev] OFF TOPIC: Mono project maturity perception

Alexandre Rocha Lima e Marcondes alexandre at psl-pr.softwarelivre.org
Thu Oct 27 20:38:44 EDT 2005

    Hello all mono developers,

    Just take a look on a voting pool that took place on OpenBRR (Open
Business Readiness Rating - www.openbrr.org ) site. This open community
aims to evaluate open source project's maturity level. It seems mono
project is less mature on voters perception than OpenBRR ratings
accused, but nonetheless the grade we received is pretty high in
comparison to much older open source projects that were evaluated

    The link to the results is here :

  Alexandre Rocha Lima e Marcondes
   P4 Tecnologia e Desenvolvimento Humano 

alexandre at p4tecnologia.com
alexandre at psl-pr.softwarelivre.org
arlm at users.sourceforge.net 
MonoBrasil MonoBASIC
Freedom ERP 

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