[Mono-dev] Mono and NT4

Max Pat maxpat78 at yahoo.it
Thu Oct 27 04:05:27 EDT 2005

I'd like to run MONO on Windows NT 4.0 (SP6[a]) instead of MS .NET SDK 1.1, without buying a new PC or O/S...
Trying to start mono.exe, system complains about a missing OpenThread entry point in KERNEL32.dll (only Win 2000+ have one), but:
1) NT4 has a NtOpenThread in NTDLL.dll, and perhaps it could be used somehow;
2) if threads being accessed were created by MONO only, it could maintain a dictionary of Thread_Id <-> Thread_Handle, avoiding OpenThread call...
3) ...in fact, I saw something similar (a hash table) in src\mono\io-layer\threads.c, function OpenThread: may be the GNU ld linker selected the wrong symbol, picking it from libkernel32.a (sorry, I've no space left to recompile it myself!)? (*)
4) since the other DLLs are mostly (L)GPLed, I think they could be fully compatible with NT4;
5) ...is perhaps the Java VM/JDK limited to Win 2000+ ?
Hoping I'll see MONO running on NT4; AND Win 9x, one day(**)!
(*) And may be the same for QueueUserAPC, this time a NT4+ KERNEL32.dll symbol?
(**) Win 9x, obviously, haven't most of the security related API found on NT4+.

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