[Mono-dev] Relocatable Mono.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Oct 26 02:06:47 EDT 2005


>     The following patch makes Mono relocatable. 

There is a small bug in this patch, non-mono tools do not work, because
of my extra checking, I will remove such checks.

>     Currently our installer uses a bunch of wrapper scripts around
> everything (mono, monodis and others) to overwrite the built-in prefixes
> that we use during the build process.
>     With this patch, Mono becomes relocatable, as long as the whole Mono
> installation from the prefix is preserved in the layout expected by
> Mono.
>     This patch has a special case: if Mono is installed with
> prefix=/usr, it assumes that configuration is on /etc (which is how we
> configure Mono today when we distribute it).  Other than this case, the
> patch will work with a relocated Mono.  
>     This will also aid for those who need to bundle Mono with their
> applications without having to rebuild Mono: they can just ship the Mono
> files that we distribute from packages.
>     Am running my Mono environment with this patch.   Any objections to
> get this in?
> Miguel
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