[Mono-dev] Totally baffed! multithread app totally different on two environments with MONO

ted leslie tleslie at tcn.net
Mon Oct 24 21:12:16 EDT 2005

I have a server process written on Mono that spawns 400 threads,
runs great on one server,
I just installed in on a different server,
and the exact same program spawns ONE PROCESS for each thread (400 linux OS processes!!!)
where as on the original server it just is ONE PROCESS.
This is very twilight zone'ish, but the app still works (can't have as many threads on the newer).

I am sure there is a good answer to this, but I curtainly don't have it!

Anyone care to conjecture?

one server is SUSE 9.2 (which has only one process for the server app) (mono 1.1.8),
the other server is a old redhat 9.X (mono 1.0.2)  with 2.4 kernel.

mono does threading different depending on whether 2.4.X vs. 2.6.X kernel ??
mono does threading different depending on mono 1.0.2 vs. mono 1.1.8 ??


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