[Mono-dev] Patch to RotateFlip: reworks existing code and adds 1- and 4-bit support

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Mon Oct 24 00:44:04 EDT 2005


I haven't reviewed the patch yet, but I noticed that you put the tests for 
it in winforms; it'd be cool you would nunit-ify them and put them straight 
under System.Drawing/Test? Maybe using GetPixel to verify it rotated 
correctly. That way it could be automated. The winforms module is mostly 
meant for visual test applications.

I'll respond on the patch tomorrow, after I had a chance to review.


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From: "Jonathan Gilbert" <2a5gjx302 at sneakemail.com>
To: <mono-devel-list at lists.ximian.com>
Date: 23 October, 2005 17:22
Subject: [Mono-dev] Patch to RotateFlip: reworks existing code and adds 1- 
and 4-bit support

>I've been working on RotateFlip for an application of mine, as it was
>causing mono to crash. I eventually did locate the source of the crash, but
>not before rewriting large parts of the RotateFlip code, which I found to
>be somewhat splayed and repetitive, into one comprehensive loop that
>handles all varieties of rotation & flipping. (Separate flipping functions
>are still available.) I also added error handling, since rotation allocates
>a new buffer for the result.
>I also realized that the original code had been put together before my
>large indexed Bitmap support patch; it could not possibly handle images
>with more than one pixel per byte. Using the "pixel streams" which I also
>added in the aforementioned patch, I put together a parallel function to
>handle rotation/flipping of these types of Bitmaps. I have already
>committed a test case for this, which requires the patch attached to this
>e-mail to run, as 'winforms/rotate1bit4bit'. (Type 'make test' to build &
>run the test.) Since support for 1- and 4-bit images could be seen as
>conceptually separate from the fix for 8-bit and up Bitmaps crashing after
>being rotated, I have also submitted separate test in a very similar vein
>under simply 'winforms/rotate'.
>I submit this patch for approval by anyone with interest in RotateFlip. It
>is fully tested and known to work, but feel free to submit it to whatever
>scrutiny you feel is necessary. I can commit it if nobody finds issue with
>the patch :-)
>Jonathan Gilbert 

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