[good] RE: [Mono-dev] C# and SWT

nummish nummish at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 17:59:00 EDT 2005

On 10/21/05, ted leslie <tleslie at tcn.net> wrote:
> application deployment for windows and linux. But for mac as far as i have
> found, you have
> to tinker a bit more. I just have the mac users install the WX.net package
> (demo),
> then have them put my app in that structure, as i am not knowledgable
> about packaging for
> a Mac yet.

I've found that if you include the wx.NET libs from the Mac package
alongside the actual app binaries in the .app directory structure the user
isn't required to install anything. The only shortcoming is that the
application is now substantially larger to distribute.

Bigger 1:23
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