[good] [Mono-dev] Which Mono IDE do you use?

ted leslie tleslie at tcn.net
Mon Oct 17 23:48:35 EDT 2005

I use Slick, i downloaded a trial thinking I wouldn't buy it, but to give it a look.
after using it for one week ... i bought it.
Slick is more then an editor,
with VI or EMACS in the GUI, it is an awsome feature,
power type the old VI way, but GUI on the odd ball hard to remember stuff.
It has custom set up of dialogues and scripting language too,
so i made a dialog that keeps a list of power key strokes and macros I made.
Slick works with C++, C#, C, and just about every language.
It also starts up fast (not that this is a feature, i have had it up for probably
100 days straight on my desk top, using alot everyday without a crash.)
400$ is expensive on one hand, but I probably saved it back in 3-4 months easy on
You direct it to mono source directory and run the TAG feature, and you have 
perfect auto-complete, pop-up prototyping/arg explaination, and even xml-docs at point of
the particular class/method you are cursored at. It has class browser, file browser, and a bunch of
other stuff. Book marking feature works well if your bouncing around in your code in a few or more
spots continually.
A selective collapse, and comment colapse feature work well to, even view code by method
decl's and expand one particular one, so essentially its can be a fold editor.
I run it on a 3200x1200  (two joined 1600x1200) and it works nice with the
KDE window set features to have the popups go where i want them as apposed to right dead in the
middle of the screen. I want to go over to GNOME, but if gnome doesn't have that feature it will
make dual-head for slick-edit difficult. I was going to go to four head 3200x2400, but after using
dual head 3200x1600, it seems to be sufficient - ie. good solid four window layup with all
the neccessary fixings - like class brower, compile/link results, search results, etc.
Nice DIFF feature too. Has ftp/ssh project/file grab ability to, and SVN, CSV support, etc.
No debugger for Mono except what you manually connect, but even when I MS-VS's for many years,
I didn't use debugging all that often. 
If i were ever having to develop on a Win32 platform again, I'd use Slick their too, and I think
it links in perfectly with the debugger (MS's) in that case.
Right now i use Mono, WX.Widgets, and Slick edit, write my programs once, and deploy my stuff across
my MacOSX, Linux machine's and Win32 for testings, so Slick, WX.Widgets and Mono comes together as
a really sweet cross  platform tool set.
I have more power then in MS-VS, in my opinion, except for debugging and "right in" docs.
The "right in" docs i just achieve now by having another desk top filled
with MSDN, WX.Widgets, SDL.NET, and Mono doc web pages, (and monodoc) etc, so it isn't to bad.
Anyways this is just my experience. I find Slick worth every penny.
Using it on SUSE9.2. Again, for me, the in GUI editor use of VI, after using VI for probably about
20 years, my fingers do stuff and I don't even know it :) so this was the deal closing feature for me.
It works for EMAC in that way to.


On Mon, 17 Oct 2005 23:02:34 +0200
<pablosantosluac at terra.es> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I don't know whether this is the best place to ask the following question, 
> but I understand that all the people in the list write lots of .Net code 
> with Linux boxes... don't you? So, which editor do you use?
> I've trying monodevelop, slickedit and then I found X-develop. The last two 
> are commercial ones. X-develop even supports integrated debugging (but it 
> seems broken in 1.1.9.x) and GUI design. Which one do you think is better? 
> Is there anything better?
> Regards,
> pablo 
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