[Mono-dev] Memory leaks and segfaults

Thorsten Schuett schuett at zib.de
Wed Oct 12 08:06:13 EDT 2005

On Wednesday 12 October 2005 13:30, you wrote:
> Hi,
> Please attach the source code of a test case that causes this leak
The simulator is about 6000 lines of C# code. I don't think, that I can break 
it down into a small "test case". But I can certainly send you the code. I 
just don't want to send the code to everybody as it is "work in progress".

> If you use the same binary on all platfroms please include that binary as
> well to can identify a possible compiler bug.

I compiled the same code on both machines with the same version of mono. The 
exe's have the same size, but diff tells me that they differ.


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