[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Use Encoding.Default as the default code page for mcs

Kornél Pál kornelpal at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 10 05:47:22 EDT 2005


csc.exe uses Encoding.Default as the default code page that is system
dependent unlike our current hard coded default code pages. Encoding.Default
takes care (or at least should take care:) about everything so we don't have
to use try-catch or store it in a variable like default_encoding. This patch
simply changes default code page from 28591 to Encoding.Default.

In addition to that this is the expected behaviour as csc.exe does the same
this is what developers require as they edit source files on their system
using their system default code page so they want to compile it using the
same code page to get the expected result when compiling code.

Note that previously we followed a wrong practicle by defining the code page
we use in mcs tree as the default code page of our mcs copiler rather than
passig this code page to mcs as command line argument. This is now fixed so
we should use Encoding.Default as the default code page of mcs.

Please review and approve the patch.

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