[Mono-dev] Can't find older binaries

Joshua Tauberer tauberer at for.net
Sun Oct 9 14:11:51 EDT 2005

Can someone point me to the location of RPMs for 1.1.8? 
http://mono-project.com/OldReleases only has broken links since that 

Despite getting around the ThreadAbort issue, I'm having other mod_mono 
problems that I can't track down, and I'm not sure when they started 
since I don't remember what RPM release I was using before 1.1.9.  Three 
problems seem to crop up after a few minutes of serving pages: Either 
'Service unavailable', 'Internal server error', or the request just 
hangs indefinitely.  I've spent the day so far adding debugging output 
to mod_mono, mod-mono-server and my own dll, and I can't pin down what's 


- Joshua Tauberer


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