[Mono-dev] RE: Mono website down ?

Joe Audette joe_audette at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 9 08:59:07 EDT 2005

I saw this issue yesterday when it was first reported,
then it seemed to heal itself but today it is back
again. I'm getting a generic looking Novell site when
I try to visit the mono project site on either of my
machines, windows or Suse. I get the same results in
Firefox or IE


--- Matt Philmon <mattisking at pobox.com> wrote:

> Let's see if this one posts... My last response is
> apparently waiting on
> approval... Whatever.
> I'm seeing the same thing and it's still happening
> as of this evening
> (Saturday). It started sometime on Friday (though
> early-ish). Here's a twist
> though:
> Work: Windows 2000 Professional using Firefox 1.5 B2
> AND IE 6.x I cannot
> browse to the Mono site. I get that stripped down
> Novell site instead and
> Monologue is unreachable. This happens the same on
> both browsers.
> Home: I have 2 computers. The one running Windows XP
> Professional SP2 has
> the exact same problem as the one at work... Cannot
> get the the mono page...
> Redirected to this Novell thing. HOWEVER, on my
> other PC that runs Ubuntu
> Breezy (development) and Firefox 1.0.7 I get to the
> correct page without
> problem using the same URL. My home network is
> extremely simple... DHCP
> router and cable modem hosts 2 PC's and 2 Tivos.
> I've tried everything I can think of to try.
> Something is seriously messed
> up in the configuration of the site. I think it's
> somehow failing to
> recognize Windows OS or something.
> Matt Philmon
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