[Mono-dev] some questions about mono profiling...

Peter 'Morcho' Morong morcho at matfyz.cz
Wed Oct 5 15:34:33 EDT 2005


I'm trying to improve regression
benchmarking on mono. I have some question about mono
profiling. I'm trying to get line numbers from source code, which the 
application go through, when I run it. I found mono coverage profiler,
which tryies (it seems so :) ) to solve this. But everytime I run it, I
get only "method not covered" response from 90% and 10% "partially covered" response. 
But there are no line numbers, and the callback function has no information about
this. Is it necessary to switch some options during compilation, or what
can by wrong? Is there any other solution, how to get this information?
Can anyone help me, please?

Thank you for any ideas.



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