[Mono-dev] Regarding MONO on Embedded Device.

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Wow. I didn't think mono could get so small. For what it's worth, for the
compiling experience, you might find a blog I
useful reference as you build mono for your embedded system as I just
recently had to do this myself.

On 10/3/05, Paolo Molaro <lupus at ximian.com> wrote:
> On 09/30/05 conn intel wrote:
> > I am a computer science student. Our college is having embedded board on
> > which there is 16 MB of flash. We have compress the kernel to 8 MB and
> > application is of 2 MB. So i Need help in using MONO on such a
> > Its very hard or i say next to impossible for me to increase the flash.
> >
> > Can any one help me doing so.... First of all is it possible to reduce
> > size what i want. Second if is it possible than pls kindly suggest me
> > tips or the procedure to follow.
> You can compile the mono JIT to 1.2 MB on x86 by compiling with
> CFLAGS=-Os. Add mscorlib and you're at slightly more than 3 MB.
> You can remove most of the locale info in the runtime by
> reading the info in
> mono/tools/locale-builder/Makefile.am
> mscorlib has lots of culture-related data that you may want to remove
> (you can save at least 200KB there). Atsushi may want to provide details
> for this.
> You can also configure mono to remove features that are not likely
> needed on your system, like aot and the profiler. Run:
> ./configure --enable-minimal=aot,profiler
> There are other things that can be removed, too, like most of
> metadata/verifier.c as well as lots of classes in mscorlib and other
> assemblies. You can do it easily with the powerful tool known as
> preprocessor conditional directive:
> #if 0
> /* unneeded features */
> #endif
> You'll be able to get an almost full-featured mono runtime in 2.5 MBs.
> Good luck with your homework!
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