[Mono-dev] Debugging Busted CIL

Jim Purbrick jimpurbrick at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 3 19:12:32 EDT 2005

Hi Robert,

> How are you generating the assemblies? Are this
> assemblies generated by MS tools? Mono doesn't
> support incremental assemblies generated by CSC.

I'm compiling LSL to CIL, then using the mono ILasm
compiler to generate assemblies.
> Did you verify the assembly?
> Mono: pedump --verify code  <assembly>
> MS:   PEVerify.exe          <assembly>

Cool, both give me lots of errors that I can look at,
> Mono has a disassembler, too: monodis <assembly>

Yes, I've been able to assemble and disassemble the
assemblies without errors, the errors I'm getting have
only manifested at runtime, but the verification tools
look promising.

Thanks again!



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