[Mono-dev] Class import working in mono but not .net

SigmaX scottclansman at cwazy.co.uk
Mon Oct 3 15:32:54 EDT 2005

I'm a C# newbie, and have constructed my first program that uses a 
seperate runtime and library.  It works all fine and dandy in Mono.  
However, when I try to run it on .net it complains :-\.  I don't have a 
Windows PC handy at the moment to post the exception, but here's how the 
code is setup (Yes, CDurry is set up as a reference):

File for the .exe project:

    using CDurry;

    public class consdurry

        public static void Main()
            //Load classes from CDurry library
            CDurry.coredurry coredurry = new  CDurry.coredurry();
            CDurry.conecdurry conecdurry = new  CDurry.conecdurry();


File for the .dll project:

    namespace CDurry

        public class coredurry

        public class conecdurry


    On running the program on .net it complains about not beind able to 
find the "cdurry" namespace.

       I'm grateful for any tips as to any errors in the code.

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	-Albert Einstein

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