[Mono-dev] Arrays in a loop?

SigmaX scottclansman at cwazy.co.uk
Mon Oct 3 15:21:31 EDT 2005

Martin Hinks wrote:
>Hi Eric,
>First off, why are you enclosing the array name in curly braces?
>MyArray[i, 0] should do the trick...
Heh; I meant to imply that that was just an example array name.  I 
should have just left them out of the example, as they were unnecessary.
>Secondly, how is your array defined? Have you checked that the
>exception thrown isn't an "Out of range exception"? If it IS an
>out-of-range exception you need to declare your array differently, if
>not, post the declaration as well and i'll try to help more.
>Martin Hinks
Thanx for your time.

It seems the problem was not, as I first supposed, directly related to 
the array.  Actually the example I gave compiles fine... but it wasn't 
exactly what I was doing :-P.

The actual loop is as follows:

    foreach ( DataTable table in loaded_chart.Tables )
                    // Repeat for each row in the table.
                    int i = 0;

                    foreach ( DataRow row in table.Rows )
                            lms_table[i, 0] =
                            lms_table[i, 1] = Convert.ToSingle(row["L"]);
                            lms_table[i, 2] = Convert.ToSingle(row["M"]);
                            lms_table[i, 3] = Convert.ToSingle(row["S"]);
    Console.WriteLine("Round {0}, Key = {1}, L = {2}, M = {3}, S = {4}",
    i, lms_table[i, 0], lms_table[i, 1], lms_table[i, 2], lms_table[i, 3]);
                            i ++;

The exception I get is:

    Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from
    source type to destination type.
    in <0x0001d> System.DBNull:System.IConvertible.ToSingle
    (IFormatProvider provider)
    in <0x00086> System.Convert:ToSingle (System.Object value,
    IFormatProvider provider)
    in <0x00016> System.Convert:ToSingle (System.Object value)
    in <0x00277> CDurry.coredurry:lms_load (System.String chart, Int32
    in <0x0024a> consdurry:Main ()

    The weird thing is that it executes once flawlessly, giving me the 
first row of the dataset printed on the screen; the exception is thrown 
the second time around.
    The array is declared at the first line of the class as:

    static float[,] lms_table = new float[1000, 4];

    Any help?
             Thanx again,

>On 10/3/05, Eric Scott <scottishbug at cwazy.co.uk> wrote:
>>    I have a newbie C# question that I've been having difficulties
>>finding an answer to.  I have a global array, and am trying to assign
>>data to it from as follows:
>>                int i = 0;
>>                foreach ( DataRow row in table.Rows )
>>                    {
>>                        {MyArray}[i, 0] = a;
>>                        {MyArray}[i, 1] = x;
>>                        {MyArray}[i, 2] = y;
>>                        {MyArray}[i, 3] = z;
>>                        i ++;
>>                   }
>>    All the code executes properly once, but then stalls the second time
>>it attempts to go through the loop.  I've gathered there's something
>>quarky about using arrays in a loop like this, but I haven't found any
>>down-to-earth explanations that let me know how to fix my code.
>>    Thanx for any help you can offer,
>>             SigmaX
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