[Mono-dev] mcs bug breaks MD build

Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes alexmipego at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 06:26:00 EDT 2005

Ohh well it just looked as an exceptional case so I just did point it. But I
guess that if I did re-read the code I would get there... just to lazzy :)

Thanks for the fix

On 10/3/05, Raja R Harinath <rharinath at novell.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Alexandre Gomes <alexmipego at gmail.com> writes:
> > In revision #51007 the mcs/suport.cs file has broken the MD build. The
> > problem is when mcs tries to assign the SeekableStreamReader.Position it
> > trows an Exception "can't seek that far back: 0".
> Should be fixed in SVN r51106. Just an over-eager bounds check. Thanks
> for pointing it out.
> > After looking the old code I guess that the problem can be related to
> > this removed code:
> >
> > if (value == 0) // Skip preamble
> > value = preamble_size;
> >
> > Just a guess... anyway I reverted my file copy to 51006 and it is
> > working ok.
> Nope (or in a way yes :-)
> The old code was buggy in many ways. It was trying to determine the
> state of an abstraction two-deep by reading tea leaves and chicken
> entrails (well, actually, it was trying to guess at the appropriate seek
> position of the underlying byte stream by looking at the number of
> characters read from the surrounding reader -- through two buffers and a
> "lossy" decoding step). That snippet of code you point to is the one
> that prompted me to rewrite the whole damned thing. (So, in a way, yes.
> It's related to its removal ;-)
> - Hari

Alexandre Gomes, Portugal
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