[Mono-dev] MSBuild target for Mono

Mike Hull mike.hull at coversant.net
Sat Oct 1 13:59:15 EDT 2005

Gustavo Guerra wrote:

>I was hoping VS would also pick up the intelisense from the mono libraries, 
>only showing the implemente methods, but it continues to display the 
>intelisense for the ms libraries. Do you also know of any trick to make VS 
>show intelisense from the metadata of the mono libraries?
I'm not sure.  Maybe if you use the mono libraries in the project rather 
than the microsoft ones?  But you're right the intelisense is built off 
of the microsoft library.  If you find a way to make that dynamic let me 
know.  We could sure use it.  I hate finding out that a feature is not 
implemented after i code and compile it.

Mike Hull
Coversant, Inc.
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