[Mono-dev] Obfuscation at compile time

Ipemail at aol.com Ipemail at aol.com
Sat Oct 1 08:49:21 EDT 2005

I was wondering if there's a quick way to add a simple obfuscation 
functionality to the compiler. For example, starting with an option to rename private 
methods and locals.

It could be as simple as the parser taking the name specified in the source 
code and applying md5-like function to it (filename + name + ...). It's not 
much, but even a simple automated option for renaming items could be better than 

If that's fairly easy to implement, it wouldn't be too difficult to add 
options (ObfuscationAttribute?) for marking items that should or shouldn't be 
renamed. It seems to me, the compiler is in a good position to handle this 
(optimizing phase?).

Thanks for any thoughts.
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