[Mono-dev] GAPI library wrapping issue

Chris Turchin chris at turchin.net
Sat Nov 26 16:03:48 EST 2005


I put together a managed wrapper for libsexy, a collection of a few nice
gtk widgets like a url label, image entry and spell-checking entry

In general, it was quite straight forward - once I read the GAPI wiki
page in detail and learned how to use the "pkg-config --cflags" stuff
(great page BTW), but one of the widgets is not working right: the "copy
link locaton" menu item of the SexyUrlLabel does not copy the text to
the clipboard in the managed version, though it works fine in the
regular widget. 

The url activated signal from the "open link" menu item is exposed as an
event and works, but the copy link location takes place in the C-code
and seems to just not be firing. 

The code is here (not always online, sorry, but try your luck):
and/or here:

Anyone have an idea what could be wrong? Thanks.



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