[Mono-dev] Re: Xsl transfrom problem

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Mon Nov 21 04:35:09 EST 2005

Hello Vladimir,

> I've found a problem in xsl transform where key function retrieves a key
> from a document other than the document containing the context node.
> See attached sample that reproduces the problem. Also I've attached a
> patch for Mono.Xml.Xsl\XslKey.cs, but I'm not sure this is right place
> to fix, so please review.

It resulted in some standalone test breakage, but I think the patch
is better, since it is rather conformant to the spec 12.2. Though
MS.NET also cannot handle keys in such way under certain condition
(as done in standalone tests), we'd better apply this patch and get
conformant results at any time, at least until we solve the puzzle.

So please apply the patch, and add below to "ignore.lst" in


Atsushi Eno

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