[Mono-dev] Compiling mono from source on gentoo 64bit

Carlos Solorzano carlos at applianz.com
Sun Nov 20 23:59:15 EST 2005

I just got the latest code from svn and I got stuck on the ./ 
autogen.sh command :-(

The output I get is pasted below, I tried running libtoolize and it  
didn't give an error nor did it look like it did anything. I am using  
64bit Gentoo, what should I do to fix this problem?

checking for correct ltmain.sh version... no

*** Gentoo sanity check failed! ***
*** libtool.m4 and ltmain.sh have a version mismatch! ***
*** (libtool.m4 = 1.5.18, ltmain.sh = 1.5.6) ***

Please run:

   libtoolize --copy --force

if appropriate, please contact the maintainer of this
package (or your distribution) for help.

configure: error: /bin/sh './configure' failed for libgc

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