[Mono-dev] Can I use mod_mono with xsp2

Joe Audette joe_audette at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 20 15:23:59 EST 2005

Hi Elliott,
 I've got it working at the Virtual Host level
 http://demo.mojoportal.com is using the 1.1 version 
 http://demo2.mojoportal.com is using the 2.0 version
 I've got the apache configuration for demo2.mojoportal.com like this:
 <VirtualHost *:80>
     ServerAdmin test at test.com
     ServerName demo2.mojoportal.com
     DocumentRoot "/webshare/mojolocal"
     ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/demo2mojoportal.com-error_log
     CustomLog /var/log/apache2/dem2omojoportal.com-access_log combined
     HostnameLookups Off
     UseCanonicalName On
     MonoApplications demo2 "demo2.mojoportal.com:/:/webshare/mojolocal"
     MonoExecutablePath demo2 /usr/bin/mono
     # This uses ASP.NET 1.1 mod-mono-server
     # MonoServerPath demo2 /usr/lib/xsp/1.0/mod-mono-server.exe
     # This uses ASP.NET 2.0 mod-mono-server
     MonoServerPath demo2 /usr/lib/xsp/2.0/mod-mono-server2.exe
     <Directory "/webshare/mojolocal">
     MonoSetServerAlias demo2
         SetHandler mono
          <FilesMatch "\.(gif|jp?g|png|css|ico|xsl|wmv)$">
             SetHandler None
     Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
     AllowOverride None
     Order allow,deny
     Allow from all
 But in the version of mojoportal compiled in VS 2005 using the above I get this error:
System.ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null.
Parameter name: type
in <0x00152> System.Activator:CreateInstance (System.Type type, Boolean nonPublic)
in <0x0000c> System.Activator:CreateInstance (System.Type type)
in <0x00031> System.Web.Configuration.Compiler:get_Provider ()
in <0x00041> System.Web.Configuration.CompilationConfiguration:GetProvider (System.String language)
in <0x0009d> System.Web.Compilation.BaseCompiler:GetCompiledType ()
in <0x000fa> System.Web.Compilation.AspGenerator:GetCompiledType ()
in <0x00029> System.Web.UI.PageParser:CompileIntoType ()
in <0x00011> System.Web.UI.TemplateControlParser:GetCompiledInstance ()
in <0x00035> System.Web.UI.PageParser:GetCompiledPageInstance (System.String virtualPath, System.String inputFile, System.Web.HttpContext context)
in <0x00010> System.Web.UI.PageHandlerFactory:GetHandler (System.Web.HttpContext context, System.String requestType, System.String url, System.String path)
in <0x001e6> System.Web.HttpApplication:GetHandler (System.Web.HttpContext context)
in <0x00b8a> System.Web.HttpApplication+<Pipeline>__1:MoveNext ()

When I try it from the command line using xsp2 I get the same error in the page and no helpful info in the command window.

 Any ideas?
 I guess my next step is to try and make a small hello world web app in VS 2005 and try it.

Elliott Draper <el at eldiablo.co.uk> wrote: Joe Audette wrote:

> doh! nevermind I found them. On my machine its
> /usr/lib/xsp/1.0/mod-mono-server.exe
> and
> /usr/lib/xsp/2.0/mod-mono-server2.exe
> Thanks Again!

No problems, glad you found them; I must have installed Mono and XSP 
into the same folders on my box.

Let me know how you get on porting MojoPortal to Mono 2.0 / VS2005, I'd 
be quite interested to hear your experiences of moving a fairly big web 
app like that across to the 2.0 profile :-)

> Joe

-= El =-
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