[Mono-dev] how to improve mono performance

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Fri Nov 18 15:25:09 EST 2005


>   I insist that performance is the key factor for key
> applications.  For example, we now have one enterprise
> web query application. Every day between 8:30AM and
> 12:00AM, it serve about 20000 requests.  Now we use
> one P4 2.6G PC Server with 512M DDR running Windows
> 2003 Server, it works well.  If we port it to Linux +
> Mono, we must upgrade the hardware to meet the same
> workload. 

Ben did a fantastic job in pointing out that 1.5 request per second is
hardly a lot.   

For ASP.NET applications, my laptop (a 2.0 Ghz with a much slower
configuration than your server) can dispatch 732 ASP.NET requests per
second.   The sample "TestService" web service page which puts a bunch
of controls into a page comes out at 371 requests per second.

Which puts Mono at handling 4.41 million request per second in the time
frame that you described.   So, 220 times the load that you have today
on your site.

So for all intents and purposes Mono 1.1.10 should be able to cope with
your load just fine.

We are still working to improve Mono's speed (see my status report on my
blog for details about what we are doing), but you hardly need these
improvements today.  Other people might.


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