[Mono-dev] how to improve mono performance

Marcus mathpup at mylinuxisp.com
Fri Nov 18 02:58:01 EST 2005

From the measurements I've taken, MS .NET is generally 2 to 3 times faster 
than Mono, both using micro-benchmarks and applications that do "real" work.

I would also point out that your .NET test was on MS, whereas your Mono test 
was on Linux. Exception-handling on MS is thought to be very slow. So that 
might explain part of the reason why Mono was so much faster on that 

As for the strings and StringBuilder, in MS, string and StringBuilder share 
some internal data structures and use a helper class. So their string 
operations and conversions between string and StringBuilder are very fast.

> That being said, some possible reasons for slowness:
> ArrayList/StringBuilder:
> 	Likely the GC.
> Floating Point:
> 	I think msft may be taking advantage of some special hardware stuff. I
> highly doubt this is relevant to your application.
> Exceptions:
> 	We super optimized this path :-)

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