[Mono-dev] Gnome.Vfs Initialization

Buderya Roshan broshan at novell.com
Thu Nov 17 23:28:06 EST 2005

>>> Felipe Almeida Lessa <felipe.lessa at gmail.com> 11/18/05 1:44 AM >>>
2005/11/17, Mike Kestner <mkestner at novell.com>:

> Are you doing a Gtk.Application.Init?  That seems to be all that
> sample/TestVfs does.

Iam doing a standalone executable which needs to read/write to remote

> AFAIK, you should do:
>     Gnome.Vfs.Vfs.Initialize();
> on the beginning of your application and:
>     Gnome.Vfs.Vfs.Shutdown();
> in the end. Note that the first "Vfs" is the namespace, while the
> second is the Class.

That works. Thanks a lot. I still have one doubt. When I call
Gnome.Vfs.Vfs.Shutdown, Is only my application affected or is the effect
global? What I mean to say is that if there are 2 programs using
Gnome.Vfs and one of the calls Vfs.Shutdown while the other is stil
executing, will the second program be adversly affected?  I think not,
but wanted to confirm nevertheless.

Many thanks,

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