[Mono-dev] C#/mono in IE plugin

ted leslie tleslie at tcn.net
Thu Nov 17 12:45:47 EST 2005

When i do a google for C# and IE plugin,
i find surprizingly litte.

Comments like "should be doable", or "probably not doable" are what I see, but no conrcete

I have a project that will start out as a app. that would thus make C#/Mono
for use on Linux and Win32 a good sol'n.

But there is the need to consider making the project web based in the sence of a 
no-nonsence  Win32 IE plugin up the road.

The fact I get very little details about a straight out Win32 C#/.Net use in IE/plugin on google
is bad enough, so I'd imagine to think of a C#/mono with say gtk+ or windows.forms to 
be used as a IE plugin (or with very minor porting issue) would be considered impossible?

Anyone comment on the doability of this, or when it might become feasiable?
I's assume it would be in MS best interest to make this very easy to do (in time)?
And then if thats the case what about Mono support for that, and then taking it to 
Linux as a FireFox plugin?


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