[Mono-dev] Questions about each site getting a mono process

Christopher Bergström cbergstrom at netsyncro.com
Mon Nov 14 17:15:25 EST 2005

Joshua Tauberer wrote:

> Christopher Bergström wrote:
>> I can get vhosts to work.. I can't get vhosts to work with each site on
>> their own process.........
> What I said will put each vhost on its own process.

kewl.. that worked.. btw.. When I setup my vhosts.. Putting the entries
in the actual vhosts section per host did not work.  I had tried
subsequent times and _assumed_ my configuration would have to stay that
way.. I apologize for any waste of time because of that assumption..

First observations....

IF (MonoApplications  "/:/to/your/site") is OUTSIDE the virtualhosts
section AND mono-ctrl is inside the virtual hosts section everything
works as I think* it should.

Three links as desired :

Restart all mod-mono-server processes
XXGLOBAL: Restart Server
www.yoursite.com: Restart Server

IF you mix (MonoApplications default  "/:/to/your/site") INSIDE and
OUTSIDE the virtualhosts section AND mono-ctrl is inside the virtual
hosts section some behavior changes.

>From the sites which have the MonoApplication directive outside get the
default process restart and get the option to restart EVERY other site
individually..  From an administrative point of view it's pretty simple
for how to avoid this, but is it desired?

When the host count goes into the thousands or even hundreds being able
to group at least some hosts into the default group could be helpful.
The default group would then become bulk + stable sites that do not need
restarts very often or it could be scheduled.

>From the immediate I can say that my load average is certainly higher,
but does eventually come back down..



[CDW commercial.. I'm off to crash the server wish me luck ;)]

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