[Mono-dev] Questions about each site getting a mono process/503 errors

Joshua Tauberer tauberer at for.net
Mon Nov 14 08:15:42 EST 2005

Christopher Bergström wrote:
> I've read that documentation 10x and even just a few minutes ago to see
> if there was any revisions..  You may* be able to get a subdirectories
> working their own
> process, but I have yet to get it working with domains..

Okay, I got a little lost in all of the things you tried.  In my 
configuration: I don't have any Mono directives outside of vhosts, and 
the only directive I have in each vhost is
     MonoApplications "/:/path/to/site"

Don't bother with aliases ('example') unless you want more than one 
mod-mono-server in a vhost.  When you use aliases, you need to also use 

I think that'll fix the problem.

- Joshua Tauberer


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