[Mono-dev] Questions about mod-mono-server process/AppDomain loading/unloading

Joshua Tauberer tauberer at for.net
Sun Nov 13 17:20:18 EST 2005

Christopher Bergström wrote:
> Is there any current way to put each site on it's own process? ( I think
> this might be key to a temp solution if it's _easy_)

Manually, following www.mono-project.com/Mod_mono.

> Which files do the heavy lifting for loading/unloading of AppDomain(s). 
> I'm going to guess this isn't documented so I'm curious to look at the
> source and how loading/unloading is currently done.

Heh, I have no idea.  It's a complicated issue.  Probably only the 
runtime guys really understand the problem. :)

 > Does MS document
 > how they do it anywhere and do we currently follow suite currently?

It's an issue specific to the design of mono's internals.

- Joshua Tauberer


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