[Mono-dev] issues building mono on solaris x86 & sparc

Alessio Cervellin @ acm a.cervellin at acm.org
Sun Nov 13 15:09:21 EST 2005

pablosantosluac at terra.es wrote:
 > You can try with
 > You will go a little further, but AFAIK mono doesn't work anymore on
 > Solaris... I wanted to have a look into the problem but I didn't have
 > enough time...

I tried to compile older versions: 1.1.1 builds just out-of-the-box both 
on solaris x86 & sparc, instead 1.1.3, 1.1.6 and 1.1.10 fail each with 
different kind of errors.
If anyone has time/is interested to fix these issues, I offer myself as 
tester to build mono 1.1.1x on solaris x86/sparc (but i can just build 
and report the errors i get, nothing more...)

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