[Mono-dev] Quick question about new features in mono control panel

Christopher Bergström cbergstrom at netsyncro.com
Sun Nov 13 09:21:30 EST 2005

Joshua Tauberer wrote:

> Christopher Bergström wrote:
>  > Can someone explain to me the difference between what these do exactly
>>     Restart all mod-mono-server processes
>>     XXGLOBAL: Restart Server
>>     default: Restart Server
> Hi,
> Normally all applications are run in a single mod-mono-server.exe
> process.  Using aliases (like XXGLOBAL) in the config, you can split
> applications into separate mod-mono-server processes (in your case,
> two: named 'default' and 'XXGLOBAL').  The control panel lets you
> restart all of the mod-mono-servers or just individual ones.
MonoApplications default 
AddMonoApplications default

This is the only way I can get virtual hosts working.. Please pardon me
if there is something else I need to change and simple missed it, but if
I change to..

MonoApplications default 
MonoApplications somethingelse

Then www.somethingelse.com stops working..

I just played with the config file a little and there may be some other
setting I'm missing..

I uncomment out all my MonoApplication lines and leave the autohosting
feature on.. I get a text page rendering the below error in every language.

Content-language: en
Content-type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1
<!--#set var="TITLE" value="Object not found!"
--><!--#include virtual="include/top.html" -->

    The requested URL was not found on this server.

  <!--#if expr="$HTTP_REFERER" -->

    The link on the
    <a href="<!--#echo encoding="url var="HTTP_REFERER" -->">referring
    page</a> seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of
    <a href="<!--#echo encoding="url var="HTTP_REFERER" -->">that page</a>
    about the error.

  <!--#else -->

    If you entered the URL manually please check your
    spelling and try again.

  <!--#endif -->

<!--#include virtual="include/bottom.html" -->


>> (Also if I enable /mono for all sites.. wouldn't this allow all sites to
>> restart all the server processes and not just their own?)
> Yes, but you can add Apache access control as needed.

There needs to be a more fine grained control over this or it'll force
the end user to put a wrapper around it of some sort.  I realize you can
control access to the control panel, but if you can't control access to
which items are displayed/functional in the control panel then anyone
with access can restart the mono processes..  For sites that get more
than a hit per second this can be quite problematic especially if you
combine it with another site which has a developer always needing to
restart his config file..  (Will this also enable per site caching to be
restarted as well?)

This does give me something to look into..



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