[Mono-dev] [PATCH] mod_mono: startup problems with Apache 1.3

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sat Nov 12 12:18:57 EST 2005


>> The attached patch fixes the problem by not starting
>> xsp from apache's child_init handler. It's now started
>> on demand during the first request.
> How about something more 'creative' to only start mod-mono-server once. 
>  One of the preforked processes should decide that it's going to be the 
> one to do the initial forking.  I can't find a way for a child process 
> to figure out if it's, e.g., the first-spawned process, but that would 
> be a nice way to do it.

This would be nice, because both solutions have the same race condition:

fork-xsp-on-child-init: problematic with StartServers.
fork-xsp-on-first-request: problematic with parallel first requests.

The latter is less probable and the first can be avoided
using a small StartServers setting.


ps:  For the sake of completeness, I'm attaching a patch that fixes
the HTTP_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE during the first request.
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