[Mono-dev] mod_mono: startup problems with Apache 1.3

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sat Nov 12 07:29:15 EST 2005


I have production servers that use the httpd config setting

	StartServers 50

so it preforks 50 Apache childs on startup.

Mod_mono (svn HEAD) doesn't seem to cope with that after the
auto-hosting feature has been added.

When Apache spawns its 50 childs in the startup phase, mod_mono
manages to start hundreds of mod-mono-servers, raising the server
load to a value I never seen before (> 100). After a few seconds
everythings settles down and the server is back in business.

To make it reproducible, I've used the apache config from
mod_mono(8) for the demo site.

The attached error log was taken between apachectl start and
apachectl stop, after the server returned to normal operation.
StartServers was set to 20.

Mod_mono's and XSP's temp files and folders were deleted
before running the tests.

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