[Mono-dev] .Net 2.0 code failing on mono

Ron Vered Ron.Vered at Siebel.com
Thu Nov 10 18:19:33 EST 2005

My company is not officially supporting mono and some client WinForms
code was built for .net 2.0.
With my limited bandwidth, I would like to help the cause of mono to
make this code run also on mono.
When naively running the client app with mono ( I get a
dialougue with 
** ERROR **: file class.c line 2233 (mono_class_setup_parent): should
not be reached aborting...
With no additional information about the problem.
Guessing it maybe related to missing assemblies / implementation, I have
mono --trace=M:Assembly:GetTypes
which produces no information.
What can I do to find out what is the cause?

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