[Mono-dev] Howto debug Mono and dev tools

Christopher Bergström cbergstrom at netsyncro.com
Thu Nov 10 05:46:33 EST 2005

Quick questions
1) What are the recommended tools for debugging mod_mono/xsp/mono? If
it's mono debugger or just recompile with --debug options I apologize
for such an obvious question. I especially need to know for a server
with X11 forwarding off. (I've been reading about Mono debugger, but
have yet to use it. Is it really that great?)

2) Do I submit patches in standard format? Is it preferred to diff
against svn head or latest release? (I'll look on the site for something
on submitting patches)

3) Tools for development reopened...
    a. X-develop is simple and seems to work with minimal learning curve
(Lacks ftp,sftp,webdev support, but does have svn/repository)
    b. Slick edit (Looks great, but at the same time like a modified emacs)
    c. MonoDevelop (tried it about a year ago.. Has it gotten
significantly better?)
    d. SharpDevelop (Windows only setup* script.. Any
comments/suggestions for trying to port this over if someone has not
done so already?)
    e. Bluefish?
    f. Eclipse with lots of plugins/which ones?

Is there anything that will allow a preview window for
.xml/.html/xhtml/.aspx based pages. (Don't need WYSIWYG editor)
Must work in Linux
Built-in debugger
Project explorer and quick navigation
Fast and not using Java?
Open source?



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