[Mono-dev] Monodevelop: Failure to import VS.Net Solution

Craig Marshall craig9 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 06:25:12 EST 2005


I hope this is the right list, I couldn't see anywhere else to post
monodevelop specific questions.

I have a VS.Net 2003 solution which is a web app written in vb.net
code. I am running Ubuntu breezy badger 5.10, and I installed the Mono
binary installation (.bin file) this morning without a hitch.

When I try to import my VS.Net solution file (acm2006.sln) into MD, it
fails and gives me the following error message twice on slightly
different error dialogs:

File not found: /home/cmarshall/Web/Registration/acm2006.cmbx

Also, it doesn't give me any more details when I click "details", it
says "No more details available".

When I create an empty acm2006.cmbx file in an attempt to satisfy the
error, it complains that the document element is missing, so I guess
it expects an XML document to exist and to read content from it (as
opposed to writing to it). But - I was under the impression that cmbx
is the format for SharpDevelop combine files, why would it be trying
to read from an SD combine file?

When I try and import the .vbproj file, it says "Can't open file
/blah/acm2006.vbproj as project". Again, no more details available.

Does this feature work for anyone else, or do I have a strange
solution file, or something else entirely?


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