[Mono-dev] Mutual authentication with HttpWebRequest?

Jay Miller jnmiller at cryptofreak.org
Tue Nov 8 11:43:21 EST 2005

I'm in the process of making an authenticating SSL client in Mono and
I was hoping someone could confirm that mutual authentication doesn't
currently work via HttpWebRequest/Response (since Mono doesn't search
the My store for a private key like Windows), but instead requires that
I create an SslClientStream directly (and set the various callbacks).

If this is the case, is it true that the ClientCertificates property of
HttpWebRequest is just a dummy parameter for now?  Also, are there any
plans to extend Mono to behave more like the MS stuff? (Not being able to
use HttpWebRequest/Response is kind of a drag!)

Thank you in advance for any corrections or confirmations!

Jay Miller
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