[Mono-dev] .Net 2.0 Question

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sat Nov 5 11:24:37 EST 2005


> How is the construction of the .NET Framework v 2.0.0 planned to
> procede in Mono?
> There are many large changes that obviously must be done to reflect
> namespace changes (ie addition of System.Net.Security) and was just
> curious as to who/if anyone is starting to organise this.

As the previous poster said, the framework for building 1.1 and 2.0
assemblies already exists and at least all the low-level complexity of
building it has been addressed.

Typically we use a define NET_2_0 to handle the different code paths,
and we use the class status pages to work in the different areas.

Today the status is *roughly* like this:

	* System.Xml 2.0 is pretty much done, modulo bugs.

	* ADO.NET 2.0: we have done some small changes, but I would
	  say that we have only done 10% of the work for 2.0

	  ADO.NET 2.0 needs as much help as it can get, as some 
	  providers are being updated to 2.0 (Firebird) and no longer
	  build with Mono due to the missing work on this.

	* ASP.NET 2.0: many of the controls have been implemented, but
	  a large group of the controls depends on the new Configuration
	  framework which Chris Toshok has been working on.  He could
	  use some help in this area, as this blocks most of the new
	  2.0 features.

	* mscorlib: the 2.0 support is about 50% complete, it needs work
	  on various bits: calendars, globalization, threading and 
	  plenty of missing attributes.

	* System 2.0: this assembly has received some minimal work, in 
	  my guestimate its probably at 10% of the way, and could use
	  a lot of help.

	* System.Drawing 2.0: we have barely touched it 
To find out what is missing, check our 'corcompare' pages:


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