[Mono-dev] Code optimization using Cecil

Alex S.Garzao asgarzao at terra.com.br
Thu Nov 3 15:34:10 EST 2005

Hello for all !!!

My name is Alex, and I'm from Brazil.

I'd like to contribute to Mono project.

When I was reading the todo list at
http://www.mono-project.com/Todo, I liked this topic: "Code
optimization using Cecil". I'd like to start doing this task in my
free time. 

Are there some people interest in this topic ?

I've learned a little about FxCop and Cecil, and I have enjoyed
it :-)

I research areas such as compilers, parsers and virtual machines.

Hints and ideas will be welcome !!!!

Alex Sandro Garz_o (Manfy) [mailto:asgarzao at terra.com.br]
        Terra Networks Brasil S/A
   _    Software Engineer, Computer Science BSc
  _v_   Linux user #229193
 /(_)\  "Fa_a o que pode, com o que tem, onde estiver. Amanh_ pode
  ^ ^    ser tarde demais ;-)"

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