[Mono-devel-list] Looking for Summer of Code Information

Justin Berka jberka at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue May 31 22:05:44 EDT 2005

Hi all,
	I still don't have a job this summer, and I'm thinking a nice coding 
challenge might be what I need instead of a helpdesk job. That said, I 
wanted some further information on the projects that sparked my 
interest, so I can check them out a bit more before applying. I'm a 
closet CS major, and am decent with C/C++/Java, and have a Mac (10.3), 
if that matters.

Stuff I'm interested in:

1. Ruby.NET - Just how hard is it to write a compiler. Also, what kind 
of existing tools would be used for this, and what would have to be 
written from scratch?

2. MonoDoc - Could someone be a bit more specific about what needs to 
be done here?

3. CIL - both the "replacing CIL with native code" and API Problem 
Finder. Where's a good starting point to read more about CIL and Cecil, 
and could someone explain these in a bit more detail.

Also, if you feel that any of the other projects need some love more 
than the above, say something. I'm kind of open to anything that 
doesn't involve me diving underneath raised floors in a server room.

			Justin Berka

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