[Mono-devel-list] Mainsoft switching to SVN : System.Data

Boris Kirzner borisk at mainsoft.com
Mon May 30 11:42:29 EDT 2005

Hello all
As a part of an effort to share a common code base between Mono and 
Mainsoft, we've moved our System.Data development entirely to SVN.

Also we aim to have as more common code as possible, its completely 
clear that because of our willing to base a connected mode 
implementation on JDBC, the most of its code will remain separate 
between Mono and Mainsoft.
Thus, for the connected mode namespaces the Mainsoft-specific code 
resides in directories complementary to existing ones (for example, 
while Mono implementation of OleDb namespace located in 
System.Data.OleDb directory, Mainsoft implementation resides in 
System.Data.OleDb.jvm directory).

In addition, the Mainsoft project file, named System.Data.vmwcsproj, was 
added to SVN System.Data root directory.


Boris Kirzner
Mainsoft Corporation

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