[Mono-devel-list] This Grid control is very good and completely written in C# (BSD license)

Listas Evandro (Não use este en Listas Evandro (Não use este en
Wed May 25 13:58:52 EDT 2005

Do you think we can add it to the windows forms implementation?

SourceGrid is a Windows Forms control written entirely in C#. My goal
was to create a simple but flexible grid to use whenever it is
necessary to visualize or to change a series of data in a table
There are a lot of controls of this type available, but often are
expensive, difficult to customize or not compatible with .NET.
The Microsoft DataGrid for me is too DataSet orientated and therefore
is often complicated to use in the cases in which the source data
isn't a DataSet, and often it is not customizable enough.

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